Photo Gallery Catch up! JD Legends 9/13/19, ATC Lakewood 9/21/19, and Tin Roof Lexington 11/9/2019

We apologize, we have seriously been lacking on the photo uploading!!!! But we’re making up today! We got a lot of pics to go with the previously uploaded 10 YouTube videos from JD Legends and ATC Lakewood.

JD Legends is always a blast! The boys were back on stage inside the bowling alley just like something out of early 2000s teen movie. Andre came back to Ohio along with Price, Dan, and Chris for this Friday the 13th show

Here’s our pics from that show:

Next was Around the Corner up in Lakewood. This is a frequent stop for our boys and always a blast!! Here’s the pics from this show:

And last by not least, last Saturday, the Tin Roof in Lexington was the place to be. Although UK lost their game, the crowd was still ready to party boyband style! We didn’t get any videos (cept the lives on instagram, hope you caught em) but we got lots of pics for you to enjoy:

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