“There is no such thing as bad publicity”

That quote is attributed to P.T. Barnum, the Greatest Showman who ever lived…

Last night, Larger Than Life was on America’s Got Talent. We didn’t know about it ahead of time and had no idea til the messages started coming in, everything from “Man, they sucked” to “are we being punked?!” Yes, yes, we were being punked and to be honest, it made us feel a slew of emotions but most we felt was anger and frustration and disappointment. There was so much about it that was wrong. We knew it as soon as we started watching. They were talking over one another and the hosts, and their performance was just plain horrible, we know our boys can SING and they didn’t sound good at all. This is not the Larger Than Life we know and love. Then we went to their page and watched their VLOG. Please watch it if you haven’t already because it confirmed everything we already knew. Their whole portion of the show was a setup. But as we said before, “there is no such thing as….”.

But you know what???? The jokes on Simon and the rest of the gang at AGT because our boyband has not just one but TWO residencies for this summer, plus several shows in a different cities near you! If you stumbled upon this blog because you watched the show, come see a live show! Form an opinion based on reality not a reality show. LTL Tour dates

But if they’re not coming anywhere near you, here’s some of our favorite Youtube videos to show you the talent that they are!!:

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