Ohio River Sternwheel Festival Review

Ohio River Sternwheel Festival was very wet! I didn’t know what to expect and when we got there and learned the guys would be on a barge and not on a stage where they could interact, I panicked a little for a few reasons and not at all because I wouldn’t get sung to again tonight, to be honest, I got plenty the night before but more because I know the guys thrive on the interactions and it makes it more fun for the audience too. We sat our chairs down as close as I thought we could get and next to a couple of ladies who we learned come every single year to the festival. I tell them that we know Larger Than Life and we couldn’t wait to see them. The lady closest to me tells me that they always end with the best act and she hoped that they were THAT good. I smile, “they are, I promise” She proceeds to ask how I know them and I briefly tell her how my friend knew them (shout out to our co-creator Locass) and had been bugging me to go to a show for a long time and when I finally did, I was so impressed and they immediately treated me like family. The lady seems satisfied with my answer and says she already likes them from what I’ve told her.

The show was amazing as usual. It was raining the entire show and the guys were under a tent on a barge. The crowd was large but not packed. I started looking around me. To the right of me were two teenage girls who had moved forward and were bouncing and screaming. Behind me was a family with little kids who all seemed to be locked in and engaged. I figured out I could move forward and I then was standing next to a couple with umbrella hats who were dancing and really into the show. To the right of them were two more older teenagers who if I had to guess fell in love with Price (who hasn’t?!). And another family with little kids who at the end screamed “we want your autographs”. Now this was a crowd that wasn’t completely there for Larger Than Life. The fireworks were to be immediately following the guys. But I didn’t see a single person who wasn’t entertained. And I felt a tinge of pride. Because I KNEW they sounded amazing! I KNEW they could dance! I KNEW they engaged the crowd and made you want to dance and scream! And lastly, I already KNEW what awesome and incredibly sweet guys they were but it was extremely cool to see people who not necessarily came out for them, become new fans. After they got done, I returned to my original spot and the ladies at the beginning of the post and asked what they thought. “You were right, they did save the best for last!”


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